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He was now institutionalized, and Francis ended his story: "..from that day on, the madman never again left his cell." At the end of the tale (the film's epilogue), and with a return to the present, a twist ending was revealed.

The entire film (a framed story with a flashback) was made up from the mad ramblings and delusions of Francis, the mentally-ill narrator/story-teller of the film while he was seated in the asylum courtyard.

" When he was permitted to speak to the asylum's director, he shockingly discovered that the man was Caligari.

While Caligari slept in his villa later that night, Francis and other doctors searched through Dr.

Francis was revealed to be a demented patient interred in the mental institution.

Two other patients seen in his company were a crazed Jane (believing she was a Queen) and Cesare.

The principal characters (obvious archetypes), all young and sex-crazed college students, ventured in an RV to Curt's cousin's new place, the Buckner place - a "cabin in the woods" located on a rural lake (similar to Friday the 13th's locales): (There were similar projects underway in Sweden, Spain, Japan, and other countries around the world.) They were observing, manipulating, and betting on the outcome and fate of the choices of the characters - the film's slasher victims.

Caligari (Werner Krauss), who was advertising his exhibit with a life-sized poster, and encouraging fairgoers to enter his tent: Step rrrrright up. Right before your eyes, Cesare will awaken from his death-like trance. That same night was the first in a series of mysterious crimes which took place. " and was given the answer: "Till the break of dawn." After leaving the fair, Francis and Alan met up with Jane, and both admitted they loved her.

The hot-tempered town clerk who issued permits for the carnival, was murdered - stabbed in the side with a strange pointed instrument. Caligari opened his 'cabinet' - a large box-shaped coffin, and introduced a tall, slender, sleeping somnambulist named Cesare (Conrad Veidt) with a black leotard. Francis suggested: "We'll leave the choice up to her.

The main plot of this influential German silent horror film from director Robert Wiene was about a mysterious, insane hypnotist-doctor and his somnabulist.

It probably had the first or earliest twist ending ever in a movie.

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He awakened Cesare from a death-like sleep - and his eyes slowly opened. But whomever she chooses, we shall remain friends." That night, as Cesare's prophetic prediction had stated, Alan was stabbed to death in his bed by a shadowy figure.

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