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It is difficult to understand why there should be such more..

Feb 6 (CT) As a Sri Lankan Muslim woman working on womens rights issues, this is unfortunately a question that my sisters and I ask ourselves almost everyday.

Feb 6 (CT) The spurt in education which propelled Sri Lanka to achieve a high level of social development began even before the country gained independence It further adds Dr.

Omentra.com, which started as a B2B e-commerce service in Sri Lanka on July 10 this year, has within its first quarter expanded into becoming Sri Lanka's first online procurement service, making it also one of the few available in the global market.

He said, it has been revealed that Thajudeens murder and Lasanthas murder had been committed by a special Army unit which unfortunately, nobody is questioning.

Everybody is pointing an accusing finger at the UNP for everything.

Clarke Possible Evidence Of Life On Mars By DAVID YONKE ...... Pictures found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, Abydos.

The company employs a rigorous screening process for all registered suppliers, ensuring only the highest quality brands are able to sell their product online.

Sellers are also bound by a legal agreement with Omentra.com, ensuring that the rare dissatisfied customer with a faulty product may hold a seller accountable.

As the election campaign to elect to local bodies even larger numbers of parasitic politicians surviving on the public purse gets into high gear the more the public is regaled with stories, promises and old wives tales.

Open-mouthed politicians are roaming the country spreading confusion with new political constructions whose shelf-life is 48 hours or less.

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As Omentra moves into its second quarter, Nadun’s aim is clear “We want this to become like a Google for businesses.

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