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Express something that’s honest and truthful and there will be an audience for it.

Colbie Caillat is an American singer, songwriter, actress, guitarist and pianist, born in Malibu, California.

and performances at Billboard, Rolling Stone and Paste, to new a few.

We are doing a US tour in October called The Malibu Sessions Acoustic Tour.

Faced with a hectic schedule of touring as a musician, Young was able to gain the knowledge he’d hope for within the time frame of the short-term program.

Young, who is very well known in the Hawaiian music scene, has released several albums to date.

He’s also toured with his girlfriend Colbie Callait, as well as Gavin De Graw. Young before heading off on another US tour with Colbie called .

I also felt like the teachers took the time to get to know us and help us individually, meeting us wherever we were in our filmmaking.I’d been trying to find another creative outlet, besides music, for a while.Always loved non-fiction form of storytelling — books, radio programs and of course documentary films.I think that’s something I can uniquely bring to the table – and it helps with the budget!How did your relationship with Colbie Caillait come about?

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“You can take the boy from the island / But not the island from the boy,” Justin Kawika Young sang in one of his early 2000 singles, “Never Forget Where I’m From,” during his days of Hawaiian radio play. I’ve lived in Nashville for about a year [now] and it’s pretty unique in that the songwriters are kind of the stars of the city.

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