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(1944), regarded by many as one of the greatest film musicals and as Minnelli’s greatest film.It was a lavish adaptation of Sally Benson’s autobiographical stories about a St. Judy Garland starred as Esther Smith, the teenaged daughter whose romance with the boy next door (Tom Drake) serves as the fulcrum for a sentimental but lovingly rendered tale of family togetherness that, in the midst of World War II, was embraced by moviegoers.Spencer Tracy gave one of his great comic performances as the shell-shocked dad who finds the impending nuptials of his daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) spiraling out of control, and Joan Bennett as the mother delivered her dry antidotes to his hysteria with superb timing.One of 1950’s biggest hits, (1951) was developed by Freed from George Gershwin’s orchestral suite.A corporal (Robert Walker) from a small town is on a two-day leave in New York City before shipping out to fight in the war, and he meets a wised-up New Yorker (Garland) and falls desperately in love with her.remains one of the most charming of Hollywood’s World War II romances and one of Garland’s most enduring dramatic vehicles.Minnelli and Garland married after the picture wrapped.Despite such unusual touches as a 16-minute dream ballet inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dalí, (1945) is generally considered one of Minnelli’s lesser musicals.

Nevertheless, it was profitable and provided a rare showcase for Waters and Horne.This wartime homefront romance originally was to have been directed by Jack Conway and then, when Conway took ill, Fred Zinnemann.But Garland insisted that Minnelli—who was not dating her at that moment—replace Zinnemann.After six months the film was finished but was far from ready for release.Garland had backslid into dependency on barbiturates, a problem that had long plagued her, and the combination of Minnelli’s complex vision and her own inability (and, at times, simple reluctance) to go back to work proved disastrous.

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