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Everything is going fine until it's time to assess his sister's attributes. “Maybe she won’t do it,” I state matter-of-factly, while hefting her marvelous tits and pinching her taut nipples. Lauren is rocking faster and I arch my back while bucking my hips off the bed to drive my cock deeper into her fiery pussy. Her taste is the ultimate aphrodisiac and I can never get enough of that succulent flavor, but after more than an hour of having my tongue buried in her pussy, my cock was more than primed for action. Her elongated nipples brush up and down my chest as hot jism boils inside my swollen shaft. There’s already a bed and a dresser in there because Lauren sleeps over occasionally.” I don’t mention that Lauren has never slept in there. I’ll see you next week, probably Friday.” She hangs up. Mom already told her I have an extra bedroom.” “Mom did this on purpose to keep us from having a place,” Lauren pouts. She has full breasts, a narrow waist, well-toned legs and a head-turning ass. ” she smiles as she pulls me into a full embrace, pressing those ample breasts into my chest. damn, Rachel you are a beauty queen.” “Thanks,” she says. “So, you’re over Kelly, and Lauren’s friend Kristina dumped you for a high school guy. ” Rachel asks, leaning forward with her elbow on the table and her chin resting in her hand. We drop Lauren at home and visit with my parents for a bit before Rachel and I head back to my apartment. Her long, toned legs are on full display as she walks across the hall to the bedroom.

“We haven’t been alone for a while.” “To play video games? I check in with Rachel and she says she’ll be about half an hour. I expect her to turn towards me any second but instead she dashes across the hall to her bedroom, stark naked. Was that just a momentary reaction or is it something worth exploring? I look over at Rachel who is in her thin sleep shirt again, sitting with her legs tucked under her. What would she say if I told her how attracted I seem to be to sexy family members, including her?Thinking of that, I glance at the stairs and see Mom standing in the shadows watching us. True to my word, as soon as Rachel gets her schedule the next day, I call Lauren. ” “Of course,” I answer as she puts more oil on her hands and works her way down my thighs. I’ll just need your password.” I spread my legs as her hands travels up my inner thigh, close to my brief covered balls. “Come on, sleepy boy,” Rachel says, softly squeezing my butt cheek, “time to turn over.” I must have actually slept while she worked on my feet.Lauren is oblivious to mom’s presence but I make eye contact just long enough to let her know I’ve seen her. “Rachel will be working late every Tuesday and Thursday,” I tell her. “Thanks, I’ll write it down for you.” Good idea since in my mellowed out state I won’t remember anything she tells me. You’re really good at this,” I whisper, as my thighs seem to melt away into the bed sheet. I barely open my eyes as I roll over but it’s enough to see Rachel checking out the bulge in the front of my underwear. “I think I could get used to this,” I tell her as her eyes quickly shift to my face and she blushes from the neck up. “No, but you could teach me,” I answer, imagining her lying naked on the bed while I run my oily hands over her bountiful chest. “Only lovers and licensed masseuses get to touch this body.Hiking up her dress, she straddles me and I realize she’s not wearing any panties. ” Lauren clenches her legs against my thighs as her pussy muscles convulse around my cock. “Not hardly,” she smirks but her eyes are exploring my near naked body.We’re both so excited that foreplay is unnecessary; she’s as wet as I am hard. I thrust up one last time and my cock explodes deep inside her sizzling pussy. “God, I needed that,” Lauren whispers, still trying to catch her breath. ” “Maybe,” she says, obviously pondering the answer. She sits on the bed beside me and I close my eyes as she starts gently kneading my shoulders.

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