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Washington has long attracted a disproportionate number of gay people, a phenomenon that really took off with the city’s massive expansion as the seat of federal bureaucracy during World War II.(The Advocate magazine recently lauded Washington as the most gay-friendly city in the country and The New York Times, utilizing census data, has deemed it the “gayest place in America.”) Government service often requires long hours away from home and unquestioning loyalty to one’s boss, job requirements that gay men in particular, generally free from the constraints of traditional family life, have been adept at filling.Lem loved Jack all his life beginning in the 1930s Lem was the only person who loved Jack unconditionally, who didnt want anything from him except to be with him, and Jack recognized that. Kennedy and his presidency, it is hard to imagine that there is anything left to say.Johnson adds: Kennedy even offered Billings a job in his administration, but he turned it down, perhaps fearing hed be outed and cause JFK problems. For a fresh angle, journalist David Pitts latched on to the lifelong friendship between the charismatic president and his gregarious and gay prep school chum, Kirk Le Moyne Lem Billings, for Jack and Lem.Kennedy’s unconcern about Billings crashing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue most weekends might have been due to the fact that, as an infamous lothario himself, he didn’t worry that close friendship with a gay man would generate suspicions of homosexuality.

It adds: Gore Vidal (an interviewee for the book), no friend of Lems, belittled him, saying, Hes he guy who carries the coat Hes the guy who runs errands To Jack, Lem was a kind of idiot friend.A new book by a retired Voice of America journalist traces former President John F. It adds: the book includes some hilariously biting quotes from Gore Vidal who dismisses Billings as the guy who carries the coat.Kennedys lifelong relationship with a gay man he met while the two were attending Choate Rosemary Hall in the 1930s, says The New Haven Register. My question to not only the homosexual community, but to all those journalists who since the 60s, and the dozens of historians and authors who made lots of money writing about President Kennedy and the Kennedys is, why has no one told the public this before, asks White Crane Magazine Can heterosexual men and women have close friendships with homosexual men without being called homosexual?The Advocate, a national magazine, commends the author for poring through hundreds of previously unreleased letters, telegrams and interviews. Jack and Lem is a story of enduring love between two men one of them the most powerful in the world. Instead of having a gay epiphany, Lem became a confirmed bachelor, likely to remain so. Kennedys closest pal, Lem Billings, was turned on by the future president, but never tried to take it further, a new book about their lifelong friendship reveals, says Richard Johnson, Page Six, The New York Post.In Jack and Lem Larry Quirk, who was a lover of Billings, a closeted gay, tells author David Pitts: There was a sexual element to his attraction to Jack.

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