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Shot 3 for ranging and one for the shot so I had 46 left. The native guide said that it was too much gun for caribou. I've read some horror stories about barrels not being installed correctly, to rough fit and finish, to 'o.k'. Here is my Guide Gun, with some Federal 300 gr JHPs. I bought it from an old fellow who had it converted in the 50's. 2004, Ted Hatfield, took a SS 45-70 guide gun to alaska to hunt caribou. used a traditional scope, shot both off a backpack frame. I shortened the barrel to 16.5 inches and the stock about the same, the gun now is the same length as my wife's Winchester '94 shorty. Such as: 01 = 1999 00 = 2000 99 = 2001 98 = 2002 97 = 2003 96 = 2004 95 = 2005 94 = 2006 93 = 2007 92 = 2008 I've read that now, the Marlin lever guns have an "MR" as a serial number prefix. "The new company" wanted production to be 1 completed gun every 135 seconds, from what I recall. I took the factory 'hard as a brick' recoil pad off, and put a Limbsaver recoil pad on my Guide Gun. Serial #: 0053xx I've got one of the original "Guide Guns" a model 71 Winchester in .450 Alaskan. It wouldn't bother me if the lawn stopped growing in the summer. That's one of the best parts of winter, I don't have to waste 2-3 hours a week cutting the lawn.within the Lever Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; PLEASE TELL ME THAT'S YOUR GUN ROOM!!!! it just came up like I was making a bid on something and I sure don't want to do that, so I back out of that... got a response, but the guy that answered me said that he had been there 10 years and hasn't seen any stock like this light ... He knows of someone that has been there longer that he will ask and get back to me if he finds out any thing... The only thing I can help you with is that a magnet won't stick to brass. Seems like they would have a file someplace on this stuff... I always make sure I have one with me when I'm planning to go to antique and junk shops. You might try checking for people who list a lot of antique lamps on e Bay.... ) I asked if he would email me the cover and page of the catalog,,, but said if he couldn't that I understand... Of course I think I added to the confusion by calling this a potential "antique" if we define that term as the first of the following from Webster: 2 a : a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago b : a manufactured product (as an automobile) from an earlier period I still think it could have added value to collectors of such things - just as old cars built 50 years ago are worth far more today than they were new/newer. He said that they found the lamp in a catalog from 1988 ( I'm not sure of what kind of catalog ??? He said the catalog description, describes it as a turn of the century French design. He emailed me again tonight and said that he is sending my photos to someone to look at. He said that it is "Modern" that the older pieces wouldn't have a UL tag like this one does.

Not much fun, but when big Grizz and I are in the same A. I understand that QC went out the door when Remington bought Marlin but also got the idea that it had been sliding for a while before that. I've got both the 1895G "Guide Gun" and the 1895CB "Cowboy Gun" in .45-70. J., on the down low, of course, since Uncle Sammy wouldn't approve. G'd, (big loop lever, bear extractor, trigger group and the W. (And I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express, last night.) Marlin's serial numbers start with the 'code' for manufacturing. ) Generally speaking, the quality of the Marlin (aka/ "Marlington" or "Remlin") was going 'south' in late 2009 to 2010. I do highly recommend a GOOD recoil pad, if you are going to be shooting some stout loads. Also, I am no expert on the guns, but, I've read a LOT of material on the company and their practices, since the take-over. This rifle shot 1 1/2" groups with Hornady's lever evolutionat 100 yards. I was very surprised at the accuracy of the lever evolution since the same brand tried in my 30-30's shot all over the place! Is the Marlin 1895 "Guide" rifle the best choice out there?I've been asking for help a lot recently so thought I'd give something back in the form of an activity I did with a class of 4me that worked very well.

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Then sit them down along a row of tables, with the 'guys' on one side and the 'girls' on the other. No, because she smokes and doesn't do any sport, and I don't like unhealthy people.) 4.

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