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It was about this time last year that I started this blogging journey. I was able to keep it all up by blogging once a week, even though "they" say you should write more often.

Actually, my Tp T store came first, then my blog, then Facebook. I was even able to put out 75 Tp T products that I'm proud of in that amount of time.

🙂 I introduced our 10 word study words (a combination of vocabulary and spelling) today.

(Well, I actually forgot to do this with my 2nd class-oops) They had to copy the 10 words, then I gave them a short kid friendly definition for each one.

It would be way too easy to have them all on one level :) -I have an intervention aid who is in my room every day from -. My table is by a whiteboard and the students use magnet slates (from Kagan). I'm giving myself permission to not worry about Facebook. I know there is an algorithm involved and the more interaction, the more people see, but honestly, I'm not going to worry about it. I know many of you who follow and read this blog are bloggers yourselves. We will also work in groups to talk about our schema, ask questions, and set a purpose for reading.The last thing we did today was learn about our “Read to Self” time.

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