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I'm just really sad for tae kwang and wished for him to be happy with eun bi, he really needed someone like her.. Time to take a revenge finally came and i really love her character.. where every students has their own problems about life in their youth (not about love). the twins were so lucky to met a very good Godmother. Not only did it flop the suspense, it made Eun Byeol such a distasteful character for me.

Another associate stated, “Meeting each other became a kind of opportunity to rest for them.

A scene of the two dating was discovered on October 20th after Shin Se Kyung came home from the conference for her movie, “Acoustic.” Jonghyun was waiting for her by her home as the two went on to walk the streets while listening to music.

Jonghyun would even at times cover her from passerbys.

They share a lot of the same hobbies and thoughts, which is why they were able to get so close so fast.

The two became stars at a young age and have hardships that aren’t able to be expressed in words.

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Though I'm a Taekwangx Eun Bi shipper, I find myself fond of Taekwang and Eun Byul and makes me ship the two.

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  1. On the flip-side, there's Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies), a dark-natured girl acting as Tori's rival. Students are required to customize their lockers, live music in the hallways is more rule than exception, and nobody bats an eyelash at the eccentricities of their fellow schoolmates.