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I responded asking who I would contact to validate this blatantly suspicious subpoena. After a few days, I looked up the court phone number and called them myself.The court records showed nothing from Anita or Justin Jenkins.In the my first year of Earning Your Stripes, I started in Whelen, although I had qualified for Craftsman (the 2nd level).I wanted to experience the entire game, but after winning by first 7 Whelen races, I decided to move up.In the meanwhile, I received and email from Anita Jenkins asking why I was ignoring her attorney's emails.I told her that her attorney was lying and that I had responded to all her emails.When pressed to meet her online friends, she always devised an excuse not to meet up.

That your company, and/or associated and/or companies, and Websites produce and permit the Plaintiff, and his counsel of record, to receive, inspect and copy each of the following documents: "Any and all reports, records, correspondence, notes, memoranda, or other documents, which evidence the name and address of the user/profile that generated comments regarding Justin Jenkins from IP address located at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The clerk told me to get the case number from the lawyer. When this email wasn't responded to promptly, I sent a further email indicating that I would inform the lawyers court and bar if I didn't hear back. The site attracts a middle aged, primarily female, more African American, HH income up to k audience.

The lawyer eventually responded that the subpoena was actually just a draft. The typical visitor watches Black Entertainment Television, uses Ticketmaster, and reads Washington Post.

She even texted and called many of her Facebook friends from a 312 area code.

Some posters investigated and found that she had stolen her pics from a girl living in Austin, Texas.

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The girl, whose identity was stolen, contacted me on Facebook.

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