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It was hockey season so we had to do that scene first.‘There’s something about the fact that we were thrown into that scene before – perhaps we didn’t feel ready to, which is what the characters are dealing with at the time.‘It was more about getting an essence from her and how somebody as young as she is to go through this kind of thing.We’re the same age, we’re young women figuring out our lives.I don’t feel the need to jump out of those things, it’s just a privilege to get to do them,’ she says.‘They went through a lot more than what we went through, and we’re just exploring something that really happened to them, and they can’t hop out of it, they’re still in it.’ Such is Tatiana’s commitment to playing Erin Hurley, who later married Jeff and gave birth to their daughter Nora in 2014, that she spent a lot of time with both her and Jeff for around two months before filming began.They’re thrown into it, they’re in this public space and held up in these hero positions when really they’re still processing what happened and struggling through these changes.

New film Stronger plucks the person from the headlines, going behind those images and expressions of positivity we associate with the then-27-year-old, choosing instead to focus on Jeff’s relationship with his new self, as well as that with his girlfriend Erin Hurley, in what can only be described as the biggest learning curve of their lives. It’s real people’s lives and their experiences and their most vulnerable moments on screen,’ actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays Erin, tells uk.The 36-year-old is known for his notorious intensity when it comes to his film roles.There are a couple of scenes in the film which feature the couple and in which Jeff, whose life is punctured with bouts of PTSD, completely breaks down.Apart from occasionally going to the odd Boston comedy night after a day of filming, the 32-year-old said she didn’t feel like she needed a break at the end of a day’s shooting, no matter how emotionally wearing it had been.‘I think the subject matter really demands that kind of emotion.

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The strength it takes, it was fascinating.’ In one particular scene, where Jeff is having his initial bandages removed after his amputation, Tatiana said she was surprised by, not only the amount of pain Jeff would have been in, but the way Jake was able to portray it so effectively.

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