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Upon closer inspection, Trend Micro researcher Ryan Flores was able to trace the account creators to specific IP addresses, and to determine that many of them had been created only minutes apart.

He was also able to conclude that they were created by humans, and not by bots.

The fact that someone was using Trend Micro's honeypots as contact information on Ashley Madison could only mean one thing: that the accounts were fabricated.

It's been said that hackers will exploit any possible entry point for gain, and this includes the heart.

Ever since the creation of virtual identities thanks to chat rooms and then social networking, fraudsters have been fabricating online personas for any number of malicious reasons, not the least of which is perpetrating a cyber attack.

English language website Islamic Marriage has scores of ads from men in the jihadi heartlands in Iraq and Syria.

And the Middle East Media Research Institute – based in the US capital Washington DC – has revealed that jihadists and Islamist extremists have placed ads on the dating pages.

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Crooks and cyber attackers will lure Internet users to pages with promises of love and passionate affairs that may actually lead to the theft of personal information or download crippling malware.

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