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The barangay chairman, the barangay council and the local businessmen forge the prosperity of the barangay.Not the president of the Philippines, senate, nor congress, not the governor of the province, not the mayor nor council of the municipality or city.During the early part of the 20th century, the place was called "Pangad-ye-an", a Visayan word that means,"a place to be prayed for" because of a Malaria epidemic that nearly wiped out the early christian population, majority of which came from the Visayas.An alternative theory suggests that it was named after a bird that the native inhabitants call "Gagadian".

The region is generally not affected by tropical storms and typhoons as it is located outside the Philippine Typhoon Belt.

Poor barangays stay poor because of weak and ignorant barangay leaders.

When roads need to be built or any infrastructure within the barangay is needed, all the barangay officials have to do is make a resolution and demand for it from the city or municipality council.

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: Saturday, February 3, 2018 -- DOH monitors 134 suspected measles-rubella cases in Zam Pen : PAGADIAN CITY (PIA) -- The Regional Health Emergency Management Surveillance and Response Unit (RHEMSRU) of the Department of Health IX led by Maxel G. Aurora • Bayog • Dimataling • Dinas • Dumalinao • Dumingag • Guipos • Josefina • Kumalarang • Labangan • Lakewood • Lapuyan • Mahayag • Margosatubig • Midsalip • Molave • Pitogo • Ramon Magsaysay • San Miguel • San Pablo • Sominot • Tabina • Tambulig • Tigbao • Tukuran • Vincenzo A.

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