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In 1088, aged seventy-five, two informers denounced him to the government upon some unknown charge.He left Fes for Al-Andalus, eventually becoming head of the yeshiva in Lucena in 1089.It soon became known as the Talmud Katan ("Little Talmud").At the close of the Middle Ages, when the Talmud was banned in Italy, Alfasi's code was exempted so that from the 16th to the 19th centuries his work was the primary subject of study of the Italian Jewish community.He is also known as the Ra N (ר"ן), the Hebrew acronym of his name, as well as the Ra Nba R (רנב"ר), the Hebrew acronym of his full name, including his father's name, Reuven (ראובן). Perez as "morenu" ("our teacher"), but it is thought that his father, Reuben b. Ra N was considered the greatest Halachic authority of his generation, and queries were sent to him from throughout the Jewish diaspora.His closest disciples were the Rivash (Isaac ben Sheshet) and Hasdai Crescas.

Ran is now printed with Alfasi in all standard editions of the Talmud. The commentary is oriented toward practical decisions as opposed to theory.

Sefer ha-Halachot (ספר ההלכות; also referred to as "the Hilchot of the Rif") extracts all the pertinent legal decisions from the three Talmudic orders Moed, Nashim and Nezikin as well as the tractates of Berachot and Chulin - 24 tractates in all.

Alfasi transcribed the Talmud's halakhic conclusions verbatim, without the surrounding deliberations; he also excludes all Aggadic (non-legal, homiletic) matter as well as discussion of the halakha practicable only in Land of Israel.

He was born in the Algerian city of Qalaat Beni Hammad, but spent the majority of his career in Fes, and is therefore known as "Alfasi" ("of Fes" in Arabic).

Isaac Alfasi was born in Qalaat Beni Hammad, the capital city of the Hammadid rulers of central Maghreb.

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The most famous of his many students is Rabbi Judah Halevi, author of the Kuzari; he also taught Rabbi Joseph ibn Migash (the Ri Migash), who was in turn a teacher of Rabbi Maimon, father and teacher of Maimonides (Rambam).

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