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Or is this something that he might have possess before he awakened it?

How would Alpha, now revealed as the new Equuleus Saint, be the cause of his resolve to fight again and regain the Pegasus' trust?

Feel free to check some of my stories out, there could be some that you might love. Side spin-off to the Hades arc: While our heroes traverse the obstacles with Athena to defeat Hades our Saintias have been reassign to a new country where they are order to track down a group of new saints. After saving his Digital World, Davis has been taken to another universe where he becomes a General and has to save this other Digital World with the help of his new friends by his side.

Now, it's up to all the characters from all six seasons to reunite and team up for the ultimate inter-dimensional battle!Relationships have changed from what they once were and it seems that's not the only thing that has changed as trouble begins to slowly brew once more on the surface. Chris, Hannah, and Sean were regular, everyday students that attended the Pokémon school in Alola.However, their lives take a sharp turn in another direction when their teacher, Professor Skiver, pushes them and their classmates into a competition for an unknown position involving the future and goodwill of Alola...A few weeks after Quartzmons defeat two new enemies arrive and a secret that Taiki has hidden fromt the others is revealed.Now alone, without his partner and a newly reserected Bagramon, Taiki is now by Bagramons side much to the horror of Shoutmon and the others.

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All Miis are welcomed in this."Do we get a say in any of this?

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