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Earliest reports for Shumen fortress date back to the early Iron Age.From the 12th century BC is the first fort, surrounding accessible parts of the area.In the medieval city of Shumen the main religion was the Orthodox Christianity, evidence of which were the found in the outline of the walls seven churches, commemorative coins with the image of crosses, angels and the numerous findings of Orthodox crosses separately, as well as their image on rings and on other artefacts, found in the graves and the homes.Change occurs only after the Ottoman conquest of the city in the 15th century, when Islam was introduced.In 1882 the Shumen Brewery, the first brewery in Bulgaria, was founded.In the period 1950–1965 the city was called Kolarovgrad, after the name of the communist leader Vasil Kolarov.In 811 Shumen was burned by the Byzantine emperor Nicephorus and he was killed at the Battle of Pliska, when khan Krum of Bulgaria encased Nicephorus's skull in silver, and used it as a cup for wine-drinking.

Shumen has 11 elementary and 5 common schools, as well as 2 high schools.FC Shumen 1929 is the local football club since 2013, and the financial failure of PFC Shumen 2010.The club uses the Panayot Volov Stadium as its home ground.that it comes from the name of the Bulgarian emperor Simeon the Great.In the following periods, the city was mentioned with different variants, such as Şumena, Şumna, Şumular, Sumunum, Şumnu and Şumen.

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From Shumen roads radiate northwards to the Danubian cities of Rousse and Silistra and to Dobruja, southwards to the passes of the Balkans, and eastwards to Varna and Balchik.

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