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In the late 1920s the lion was also reguardant (looking over his shoulder).(A version from the early 1920s was rampant but not reguardant - the change has no significance so far as the meaning or use of the stamp is concerned.) As a single proof this stamp might appear by itself just about anywhere.According to an exclusive report by “Sports Seoul”, Choa has been dating Lee Suk Jin in a very careful manner as it is the early stages of their relationship.""If they had something on Im Siwan, they wouldn't be sitting on it like this.""Scared but I'd rather know fast and get it over with..""Ugh, now they're making me hold my cellphone all day long""If they release something on SM, they're so cruel ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It's been such a tough year for them overall" Omona, shall we makes bets and grab some popcorn for christmas eve?Source:, One, Thefactnews Twitter "If it ends up being the second hint, Jelly Fish Entertainment has nothing but males so I have nothing to be worried about."- "Or do you...?Possibility of one of them being a cast member from 'Misaeng' (but the hint is so blatant that it could also not be it)2.Possibility of it being a couple dating within the company3.Super Junior’s Heechul was reportedly a big help in making this relationship a reality for both Choa and Lee Suk Jin.Heechul is well known for being very interested in video games and that’s how he became friends with Lee Suk Jin.

Lee Suk Jin is a well known AOA fan in the e-Sports community and reportedly visited AOA concerts and events regularly.

Lee Suk Jin is the CEO of a gaming company called Najin.

His company manages computer repair shops around Korea and additionally also owns professional e-Sports gaming teams.

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This had something to do with those annoying international agreements which plagued Europe after World War 1, and just gave everyone headaches without actually doing anything useful to avoid the big problems ....

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