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It must be exhausting to be The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander.

So much theological and language Twister, tied up in knots, so much twisting, turning and manipulating.

The Wormley family were a male-line, cadet branch of the Yorkshire Newmarches of Bentley, Arksey and Womersley, who were direct paternal descendants of the Crispins.

I am unable to tell which of the Ladies Against Feminism and Lydia…

Yesterday several of my friends were laughing over, or expressing outrage over the newest internet-driven teen fad – eating Tide Pods.

It may help Wormleys or other people who are distantly related to us to fill in gaps in their own family trees, as the further back you go in time, the more likely it becomes that we share the same ancestors.

(Pictured above: Some members and relatives of the Wormley family living in England in 2013). Our first ancestor to set foot on English soil was Gilbert Crispin II, a heroic commander in the army of William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

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