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Pritchard and Locke also starred as the Pain Men in Channel 4's Balls of Steel.

Series one featured eight episodes and focused on each of the Sanchez members.

The film also features the first cross over battle between two stunt groups.

In their tour of Japan, the Dirty Sanchez team battles the Tokyo Shock Boys to see who is more extreme.

One review claims "They make Jackass look like the Royal Shakespeare Company", and also on the cover of the Dirty Sanchez: The Movie DVD, there is a similar quote by MAXIM saying "Makes Jackass Look Like The Teletubbies." The second series also featured eight episodes but focused on the Sanchez members trying out different jobs for one week.

The first episode had them working in a hair salon.

Here we get tongue-stapling, fully conscious liposuction…and incorporates stunts related to the seven deadly sins.Stunts are on a larger scale and more extreme than stunts shown in the TV show.The first series received mixed reactions, with some people calling it a lackluster imitation of the American show Jackass, while others complained that it pushed the boundaries of taste too far, due to the extreme stunts and strong profanity, as well as full-frontal male nudity.The boys are praised by others for their fun-loving hedonism and courage in their dangerous stunts.

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The second episode had them working on a construction site.

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