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Her story begins with a father-mother separation while she was still a toddler.

When her mother walked away, she spent time under the care of her dad until he too left her under the care of another person.

Sheena left WTVT after 2 years and joined the Philadelphia-based NBC10 in 2011 as a weather forecaster and meteorologist.

The 5 feet and 2 inches tall beauty has been with the network since then.

But the most commonly cited news in the media is her relationship with Scott Hartnel, the swap captain of NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers and the left winger of Canada’s professional ice hockey team.

Parveen was quoted as the new ‘It Girl’ by the Daily News.

In November 2009, she was offered a job by FOX channel affiliate WTVT located in Tampa, Florida.

She then began working for them as a weather forecaster and columnist.

She eventually graduated with a minor in mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

However, lack crossed path with Edie: she landed anchoring and public relations career at WBAL.

Naturally, somebody might say that Edie encouraged her daughter to get into the media industry; she however strongly refutes this, saying that there was never a day she told the little girl to pursue a specific career.

Sade was born on April 14 1969 at Baltimore, Maryland. At four years old, Sade’s father introduced the young girl to the extended family of Edie House, his friend.

For a long time, Sade could not pronounce Edie’s name correctly; she used to call her “Edick”.

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