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At the moment Yahoo Answers offers 23 top-level categories like: * Auto & Transportation * Business & Finance * Computers & Internet * Consumer Electronics * Dining * Education & Reference * Food & Wine * Health & Beauty * Local Businesses * Love & Romance * News & Events * Politics & Government * Pregnancy & Parenting * Science & Math * Society & Culture * Travel and then sub-categories in each group.

At this point, users determine into which category their question goes into.

In my conversation with Ofer Shaked, Director of Engineering for Yahoo Search, I got the impression that this is a true beta with many of the details to be worked out as the service rolls out.

Shaked told me that Yahoo Answers is built to on the company’s social search technology with a focus on answering day to day questions of a subjunctive nature (Where can I buy…, What’s a good show to see…, etc.) and organizing them into a more structured info base with the use of several features including categories. Shaked also said in testing "day to day" types of questions have been most popular.

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